Renting a Scooter for the First Time: A Guide | Key West Scooter Rentals

Renting a Scooter for the First Time: A Guide | Key West Scooter Rentals




Being on vacation is one of the best experiences anyone can have, add in a Key West scooter rental and you can really live it to feel it! Going on a trip to Key West is an amazing destination choice because of all the fun things the island has to offer. One of the most exciting experiences you can have in Key West is riding a scooter. Famous for its nighttime entertainment, parks, and water activities, Key West is very cycle-friendly and if you are visiting, that’s an activity you must definitely try out! If you are renting a scooter for the first time, here are a few tips to guide you through the process.  


-Get/Hold a valid license

Before renting a scooter for the first time you need to have a valid licence. It could be an international licence or your regular driving licence. Different rentals have different requirements but the baseline is just making sure that you can ride a scooter safely. It also protects your interests because your travel insurance won’t payout if you get into an accident without having a licence. 


-Note the road rules 

Key West is a bike and scooter friendly area, but that doesn’t make it lawless when it comes to cycling or riding. The island has rules about speed in certain areas, required gear when riding a scooter, and of course, riding under intoxication. People under the age of 16, and those without licences, are not allowed to ride a scooter in Key West. An oversight shouldn’t ruin your vacation experience, check out the road rules before renting a scooter -and abide by them!


-Take all necessary safety precautions

Check that the scooter has working brakes and a headlight, especially if you plan on riding at night. Another precaution to check out is the insurance available from your travel insurer and the rental company as well. When renting a scooter, it is important to go with a rental company that knows their onions like A&M Rentals.  It is important to have all your gear on at all times. 


-Pick a scooter based on your level of experience

Scooters are relatively easy to ride and if you know the basic rules of driving on main roads, you will be fine. It is always best to choose a scooter based on your level of ability, not your sense of adventure. You don’t want to pay the rent charge for a scooter ride that you can’t enjoy. 


-Wear the right outfit 

Evening trips to catch the sunset are some of the most memorable rides you can go on in Key West. But, before reaching for your shorts and tank top, you may want to rethink your outfit. Long pants and covered shoes (preferably sneakers) are must-haves, especially if you are renting and riding for the first time.


Get Your Key West Scooter Rental From A&M Rentals 

Renting a scooter can be fun and exciting if you are doing it the right way! Use these tips to enjoy a scooter experience that will become a highlight of your Key West vacation. Planning a trip to Key West? Contact us for the perfect scooter ready for your arrival! Whether you are looking for Key West scooter rentals, Key West bike rentals, or Key West golf cart rentals, A&M Rentals has it all. Not only do we have the largest selection of Key West scooter rentals, we also offer Key West electric car rentals, Key West golf cart rentals, Key West mopeds, and more. Come see A&M Scooter Rentals today for all things Key West scooter rentals and much, much more!