Why You Should Get a Key West Electric Car Rental

If you’re planning to visit Key West soon, you should consider getting a Key West electric car rental. Although it’s possible to walk, use rideshare, public transportation, or rent a scooter, there’s something undeniably great about being in control of your travel.

Quiet and Convenient 

A Key West electric car rental is quiet and eco-friendly. It doesn’t fill the air with emissions or make the noise of a traditional vehicle, and it’s become the preferred method of getting around even for most of the locals. Instead of having to worry about driving a vehicle and dealing with those hassles, you can just hop in and go when you rent an electric car. 

You can get just about anywhere on the island with an electric car rental. After all, it’s only about 4.2 square miles, so even if you want to see every corner, it won’t take long. And there’s plenty of available parking since these are much smaller than traditional cars. 


These rentals are also a lot more affordable than you think. You can rent them at day rates or set up other arrangements, and you will find that you’ll still have plenty of room in your budget to splurge and enjoy the island. Plus, you can choose from your choice of sizes, so if you only need room for two, it’s going to cost even less. 

Seats Up to Six 

Key West electric car rentals are available in multiple sizes. When you choose to work with a local favorite like A&M Rentals, you’ll have access to electric cars in the following sizes:

  • Two-seater
  • Four-seater
  • Six-seater

These are great if you’re traveling with kids or older adults, or even if you just want to keep the whole family together when you’re exploring the island. 

Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Perhaps one of the best features of a Key West electric car rental is that your rental company will pick you up and drop you off, anywhere on the island. All you have to do is be ready to enjoy your vacation when they arrive and sign the necessary paperwork. Forget waiting in lines or sitting at the rental counter for what seems like an eternity, because this is quick and easy. 

Key West Electric Car Rentals – A&M Rentals 

If you’re looking for the most economical, relaxing way to get around Key West, electric car rentals could be the perfect option. As you can see, they come with several benefits and they’re great when you’re traveling with the family, too. Whether you’re here for a weekend or longer, you can find short- and long-term rentals for two, four, and six passengers. 

Reach out to A&M Rentals today to rent your car and experience Key West as never before. If you’re hoping to have a perfect trip, then a rental car might be the missing component! We offer a great selection of Key West electric car rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. We also have a ton of Key West moped rentals and Key West electric scooter rentals available as well. Not to mention – we even have Key West bike rentals. You can check out all of our Key West electric car rentals here or find our Key West scooter rentals page here. We are just a click or call away – book your rentals with us today!