Key West Electric Car Rentals vs. Driving Your Own Car

So, you’ve booked your vacation to Key West – have you considered getting a Key West electric car rental? The trip is all planned and now you have to choose the best way to get around the city. Look no further than A&M Rentals and their electric car selection. There are several reasons why renting an electric car makes a lot more sense than bringing your own vehicle. 

Car Wear and Tear

If you’re coming to Key West from a long distance, that journey can put a great deal of stress on your personal vehicle. You only get so much use out of a standard car before the costs start to add up. Driving puts wear on the tires and all the internal components. It means frequent oil changes, and all manner of other things you won’t have to take into consideration when renting one of these electric cars. A&M Rentals keeps their rentals in impeccable shape. All you have to do is sit down and enjoy your drive. There will be no costs sneaking up on you when you get back home. 

A Friend to the Environment

Electric cars are a great deal more eco-friendly than standard vehicles. In an effort to reduce pollution and human impact on the environment, especially in an ecosystem as precious as Florida and the Keys, an electric car will allow you to take in all the beauty the area has to offer while causing no harm in the process. Even well-maintained standard vehicles can’t claim to do the same. 

Fuel Costs 

The cost of gas is one of the most compelling reasons to choose one of A&M’s electric cars over bringing along your own. Gas prices have been soaring and it’s painful to spend so much money at the pump. You won’t have to drop a penny to keep one of these electric cars going. This could amount to hundreds of dollars in savings all on its own, especially if you plan to do a lot of driving. 

A&M Rentals Will Meet You

Part of the exemplary customer service provided by A&M Rentals is that they do pick-ups and drop-offs in several different locations. Whether you arrive at the airport, by ferry, or via cruise ship, A&M Rentals is ready to help you take the next step and have your rental there for you. You don’t have to worry about scheduling rideshare or hailing a cab. 

Come to Us for Key West Electric Car Rentals

A&M Rentals’ electric cars are an incredibly safe way to navigate Key West. You avoid some of the pitfalls of driving around a standard vehicle, will find parking to be easier, and overall get to experience the area in a way your own car would not allow. 

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