Make the Most of Any Vacation with Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Coming to Key West for a vacation is a great decision – make it better with a Key West golf cart rental! Wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and food to swoon over, Key West has everything a vacationer could ask for. And if you happen to be local, you get all these fantastic benefits all year round.

When it comes to getting around Key West, you have so many choices. From bikes to cars to solo trips and guided expeditions, there are a lot of options already out there for anyone looking to visit Key West. But have you ever considered renting a golf cart to get around this picturesque island?

Well, we at A&M Rentals are offering the ability for visitors and locals alike to rent a golf cart. Why rent a golf cart instead of these choices? 

This article will explain all the benefits of a golf cart rental and why you should consider one on your next vacation.

Why You Should Choose a Key West Golf Cart Rental 

Road-ready golf carts are one of the best ways to get around Key West. This is for a few reasons!

Golf Carts are Fun 

Golf Carts are great for families because, while they’re smaller and more convenient than cars, they can also hold multiple people. This makes it easier for families to get around as a unit. With a smooth driving experience, constant mobile shade, and comfortable seats, a golf cart is an excellent car alternative.

Safety is Key

When you have an easy and comfortable driving experience in a golf cart, you can also account for the needs of people of any age in your family or party. 

Golf carts are much safer for those who may not be ready to ride a scooter or bicycle, and they even accommodate those who find it uncomfortable to use other transportation. 

Stay safe and take an easy ride in a golf cart!

The Size is Perfect 

Golf carts aren’t as bulky as cars and can get into places that some cars just can’t go. This allows you to be more mobile than you could be in a car while also having the accessibility of a car-like vehicle.

Easy to Drive

Though other vehicles are best to use with some experience under your belt, if you have a current driver’s license you can drive a golf cart. The controls are easy, and it’s not so different from driving a car!

Picking the Perfect Rental Spot 

Sometimes, the hardest part about picking a rental vehicle is finding a trustworthy rental shop to get your ride at. We at A&M Rentals offer a suite of reasons why we’re better than the rest. With two convenient locations on the island, we specialize in picking up our renters from the airport or the cruise deck. If you get a Key West electric car rental with us, all pick-up and drop-off services are completely free Plus, we don’t just offer Key West golf cart rentals. We also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West scooter rentals, Key West mopeds, and Key West buggy rentals. So, take a look at our selection, and rent your next vehicle from A&M Rentals Key West. Check out our website to learn more about us, or see our full Key West golf cart rentals page here to see our selection and get started. 

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