Making the Most Out of Your Key West Electric Car Rental

Making the Most Out of Your Key West Electric Car Rental




Driving a Key West electric car rental is one of the coolest things you can do while on vacation. And you just have to look at the streets of Key West to get a feel of how much fun it is. With both tourists and locals driving electric cars, not getting a rental might actually make you feel more out of place. A&M Rentals offers a top selection of Key West Electric Cars to suit your needs. But after getting the electric car, what’s next? Here’s how to make the most out of your Key West Electric Car Rental.

Take a mini road trip 

Key West is one of the largest Keys in Florida and there’s a lot to see. If you don’t have rigid plans or you can whip up some free time, you can go on a mini road trip with your electric car rental. You can head to the beaches at the southernmost parts of the island and enjoy a relaxing day before driving back to your lodging with the sunset as your backdrop. The possibilities are endless in Key West, and an electric car rental is all you need to fully explore them.

Stop by the historic and iconic spots 

Old Town in Key West is quite literally one of the oldest parts of the island. With an electric car rental, you can visit all the significant historic sights and sites in Key West. From Truman Little’s White House to the iconic Key West Lighthouse, there’s so much to see and experience in Key West and having an electric car rental at your disposal makes it possible to do so much more. 

Spend the evening dancing 

There are several live music bars and dance studios in Key West so if you are looking for some paced fun, you can drive out to a bar, have a mojito (virgin, because you will be driving back), and let loose on the dance floor. Who knows what you might find while dancing? A dance partner or something more (if you are single and travelling alone)? You can only find out when you make the most out of your electric car rental in Key West. 

Do a restaurant tour 

Asides biking and the extensive maritime activities in Key West, the culinary scene is another thing to look forward to on the island. With your electric car rental, doing a tour of the restaurants won’t be a bother because you can easily navigate yourself to different locations and drive back in comfort at the end of the night.

Be Spontaneous 

Anything and everything is possible when you are behind the wheels. Take in the sights of the city and let your spontaneous side shine through! Remember that the unplanned moment can sometimes be the most beautiful so just go for it! 

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