A Guide – Getting a Golf Cart Rental for the First Time

Golf cart rentals are popular in destinations like Key West where the island is small and parking is limited. There are several different options to choose from for vacation rentals, but what matters is getting a reliable, affordable rental. If you are visiting for the first time and have never rented a golf cart, here’s what you need to know. 


Book in Advance

In popular vacation destinations, it’s always a good idea to book rentals in advance, including golf cart rentals. Sure, you might get lucky and find one once you arrive, but you won’t have as many options. Shopping around and booking in advance gives you the chance to get the best rates and choose a company that you can count on. Booking your golf cart rental as part of your vacation planning will ensure that your transportation is waiting when you arrive. 


Know the Rules 

Golf carts are subject to the same road laws and rules as automobiles and other vehicles. There may also be special guidelines in certain areas, or you may find that parking is different at some places throughout the island. Some of this will only come up once you arrive. However, you can do a little research as part of your planning to help. You can also talk to your golf cart rental company about the rules and what else you should know. 


Picking Up Your Rental 

When you pick up your golf cart rental, you may be required to provide identification and/or proof of your reservation. Fortunately, you can use the information from your smartphone and don’t have to print anything to take with you. Most rental companies offer seven-day service, but you will need to arrange for an after-hours pick-up if you can’t get there while they’re open. 

This is when you will check out the cart and make sure that it’s operable, has no signs of damage that could be attributed to you, and then sign all the paperwork so that you can hit the road.


Returning Your Golf Cart Rental 

Once your vacation is coming to a close, you’ll need to get your rental back to the company. That’s easy enough to do with a simple drive. You can also have it arranged so that you can be picked up or dropped off, making it even easier to return your golf cart and get ready to bid farewell to the beautiful Florida Keys. Make sure that you report any incidents and follow the return instructions to the letter. 


We Have Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Just make sure to pay attention to the points listed above and treat the golf cart like you would treat something you personally own. This way, you’re guaranteed not to run across any potential issues regarding damage to any particular company’s equipment. A&M Rentals of Key West has everything you need when it comes to Key West golf cart rentals. We have a great selection of Key West electric car rentals, Key West bike rentals, Key West scooter rentals, and more. Don’t go anywhere else for your Key West golf cart rentals – come to A&M Rentals! Visit our website or check out all the Key West golf cart rentals we offer here

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