Best Views in Key West (Where to Take Your Golf Cart Rental)

Looking for Key West golf cart rentals? If you’re visiting Key West, you won’t have to look far to find stunning views of all kinds of landscapes, seascapes, and everything in between. A golf cart rental is a perfect way to get around the island without having to drive a car or put in the manual labor to ride a bicycle. And when you have a golf cart, you truly can go anywhere on the island, which covers just 4.2 square miles of land. 

Key West offers a lot of stunning beauty in that small space. If you’re looking for paradise right here in the United States, this just might be it. So, while you’re here, these are the views that you need to check out. 

Mallory Square 

Although this is a hot destination all day, it’s a popular choice for tourists and locals alike at sunset. Mallory Square is situated in Old Town, right on the waterfront, and provides impressive sunset views over the Gulf waters. Every night, there is a “Sunset Celebration” that includes food vendors, street performers, artists and crafters, and more. 

Southernmost Point 

The Southernmost Point is located at the intersection of Whitehead and South Streets and is a landmark that brings people from all around the world. You can take your picture with the giant buoy that’s just “90 miles to Cuba” and enjoy some stunning views of the water, sunsets, and more. Don’t forget your camera because this is a definite photo-op, too. 

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and Beach

This is well-known as the favorite beach of locals and visitors alike, offering plenty of access to the beautiful blue waters along with huge, arching and leaning palms, beautiful sands, and plenty of wildlife. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1973 and has some of the best sunsets on the island, competing with Mallory Square for visitors each night. 

The Key West Lighthouse

Where else would you expect to find stunning views of Key West and the rest of the surrounding area? The Key West Lighthouse is a beacon and an icon, offering visitors magnificent views if they can climb the 88 steps to the top. Originally used as a lookout, today it is just an educational museum and tourist landmark. However, it’s still one of the best views on the island. 

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