Best Places to Take Your Key West Golf Cart Rental

Are you interested in getting a Key West golf cart rental? Traveling by golf cart can be the perfect way to experience Key West. Most of the island is accessible when you travel this way, and there are places you can venture to that you normally couldn’t by car. 

If you’re choosing to be mobile without a car, you have a golf cart, scooter, and a bicycle as your options. The biggest advantage of using a golf cart is that you can carry more people with you as you tour the island. 

Additionally, renting a golf cart is the most efficient way to travel if you have small children or seniors with your group. Most carts can comfortably hold four people, ensuring that nobody is left out of your adventures. 

There are hundreds of locations to check out when you’re in Key West. However, there are a few specific locations that we feel are ideal for golf cart travel. These are the best places to take your Key West golf car rental.  

Smathers Beach

This is probably the most famous beach in all of Key West. You won’t have a problem accessing this beautiful coastal paradise by golf cart when you’re on vacation. 

The beautiful white sand beaches will take your breath away, and there’s plenty of recreation for individuals of all ages. You will also find options for additional recreation if you’re into jet skiing or any other types of water sports. 

Using a golf cart to travel to Smathers Beach is a great idea if you’re planning a long day. You can easily incorporate multiple beach stops on your route if you travel by golf cart. 

Mallory Square Sunset

Sunset at Mallory Square is something you don’t want to miss when you’re on vacation in Key West. This spot has been a thriving hub in Key West since the pirates dropped their anchors off the coasts over two centuries ago. 

You will find multiple types of merchants and street vendors here, as well as cool outdoor shows to burn an hour or two on. Multiple acts of several talents perform at Mallory Square daily, at all different times. 

Make sure you bring your camera if you choose Mallory Square as your stop in the later afternoon. This spot provides one of the most beautiful views of the sunset in the entire country. 

Key West Happy Hour

If you are traveling with all adults or have someone to watch the kids in the late afternoon, there’s nothing like a Key West Happy Hour or doing the Duval crawl! This one is strictly for adults only.

Key West and Duval Street are home to some of the most famous bars in the country. Tour the different specials during Happy Hour starting at 4:00 PM every day. 

Are you a seafood lover? Many of the pubs in Key West offer a delicious assortment of seafood items for a discount as part of their Happy Hour menus. Make an evening of it and hit Duval Street from the late afternoon until as long as you can hang at night! Duval Street is easily accessible by golf cart. 

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