Should You Rent an Electric Car in Key West?

Have you considered Key West electric car rentals for your next vacation? If you rely on TripAdvisor for answers regarding travel plans, you’ll find that there are mixed reviews regarding renting and driving electric cars while in Key West. Some people love the idea, while others think it makes more sense to travel differently. If you’re on the fence about renting an electric car, we hope the information we present helps you make a decision. 

If you’ve never traveled to Key West, you may not realize how things on the island work. The island is 4.2 miles of scenic vistas. The roads can get very congested with the influx of tourists. That’s why many people choose to use bicycles, scooters, or electric cars to get around the island. 

Benefits of Choosing a Key West Electric Car Rental

You may be wondering why you should choose an electric car over a bicycle or a scooter. After all, any of the three can get you around Key West. Let’s look at the benefits of an electric car rental.

No Money Spent on Gas

With an electric car, you eliminate the expense of gas purchases. As long as you can plug the charger in for the battery, you have a day’s worth of power on one charge. Electric cars are also eco-friendly because there are no emissions when you aren’t using gas to power the vehicle. 

Four Wheels Instead of Two

Most people are accustomed to driving four-wheel vehicles, so a scooter or a bicycle is out of their comfort zone. You will be more stable on four wheels. You are also less exposed to the elements on four wheels than on two. 

Transport More People

Consider the group that’s traveling with you. If you have more than two people in your group, scooters or bicycles won’t be a cost-efficient method of getting around town. If you have more than one person, you’ll have to rent a bicycle for each person. Scooters hold a maximum of two people. 

With electric cars, you have options that will transport multiple people at once. Depending on the size of your group, it’s feasible to find a rental that fits everyone in the group at once. A&M Rentals offers a two-seat, a four-seat, and a six-seat electric car for rent. 

Save Money

Consider the difference in cost per day between renting one electric car and renting six bicycles or scooters. That equates to one rental fee per day instead of six, which is also more cost-efficient. Your bank account will appreciate you considering an electric car for your trip to Key West.

The Takeaway

When traveling to Key West, it’s natural to want an efficient vehicle to use on the island. You have options, but an electric car makes the most sense for those traveling with multiple people, have never ridden on two wheels, or want a cost-effective way to get their group from one point to another on the island. Contact A&M Rentals for more information regarding Key West electric car rentals. Whether you are looking for Key West buggy rentals, Key West golf cart rentals, Key West bike rentals, or Key West scooter rentals. Come see us for all your Key West rental needs. Check out our full selection of Key West electric car rentals on this page to get started.