Best Views in Key West (Where to Take Your Golf Cart Rental)

Looking for Key West golf cart rentals? If you’re heading to Key West, you will want to make sure that you’re looking at the best locations. Key West is home to stunning vistas, so make sure you check out the best ones on your vacation!

Although Key West is only 4.2 square miles, there are many life-changing sights to check out on the island. Thus, read on to learn the best places to check out in Key West.

The Crowne Plaza La Concha Hotel

The La Concha Hotel was built in 1926, and as it is seven stories tall, it provides some of the most stunning views in Key West. Part of downtown Key West, this hotel is also known as a Historic Landmark that looks over the famous Duval Street.

Mallory Square at Sunset

Mallory Square is in the Old Town of Key West, and it features some of the best sights of the Gulf of Mexico. Spend a morning or an evening checking out the sunrises/sunsets with their vibrant yellows, pinks, oranges, and reds, and make sure your camera is ready to try and capture the beauty.

Key West Historic Seaport

The Seaport is a central location that many people visit when they’re on the island. As part of the area, there’s a 150-slip marina, alongside souvenir shops and delectable seafood restaurants. Get some delicious food and overlook the Gulf of Mexico.

Key West Lighthouse

The Key West Lighthouse was built back in 1848 by the U.S. Navy. This was a lookout meant to scout danger before it could come to shore, but now it offers a stunning view of the wider Key West area and all of the tropical scenery nearby.

The Southernmost Point

The corner of South Street and Whitehead Street holds the famous concrete buoy that marks the point of the island that is the furthest south. From there, you will know that you’re 90 miles away from Cuba while also experiencing the best that the line of Florida’s shore can offer.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Key West, the Fort Zachary Taylor State Beach is one that locals and tourists alike love to visit. With a great view of the southeastern coastline, this is another National Historic Landmark. You can also fish, snorkel, swim, bike, or explore the many nature trails in this area before rounding out your day with a view of an unforgettable sunset from a high point.

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