The Best Places to Take Your Key West Golf Cart Rentals

Key West is a gorgeous town with a lot to see and do – so why not consider Key West golf cart rentals? Are you hoping to maximize the fun of your next vacation to Key West? There are tons of things to see and do so it isn’t hard to have a fantastic time. When you choose a golf cart as your choice of transportation, you can get anywhere you need to go, whether it’s on the road or not.


Almost every path and street on the island is accessible to golf carts, so nothing is off-limits to you. It also gives you the distinct benefit of getting a great look at the beautiful scenery and natural beauty of Florida while moving from place to place with ease.


Check Out Old Town


Key West is only a few miles in size so there’s plenty of time to see everything you want. One of the most popular destinations is Old Town, which acts as the historic center of the city. You can learn more about the history and culture of the island right from a convenient golf cart. Pull up and get out so to walk around and enjoy all the sights and sounds of downtown.


Ride Around the City


Driving a golf cart around the island doesn’t take long and can give you fantastic views (and the memories to go with them). You can experience cool sea breeze and bright sunshine when you spend time on the coastlines of Key West. While you check out the island, take a look at the shops, bars, and restaurants you might want to visit. It’s a great way to make the most of your golf cart rental.


Head to Southernmost Point


When it comes to landmarks on the island, you don’t want to miss the chance to experience the Southernmost Point. If you plan to take photos and post them on your social media, you will be among like-minded individuals at this location. It’s an easy spot to visit by golf cart and somewhere you’ll want to say you have seen.


Check Out Mallory Square


A great way to end your golf cart rental is by spending time at Mallory Square. The best time to head that way is near the end of the afternoon so you can experience the sunset celebration. This is another place where golf carts are easy to use. Tons of restaurants and shops are in the area so you can immerse yourself.


Get Your Key West Golf Cart Rentals at A&M Rentals


Whether you visit the places listed above or choose other destinations on your Key West vacation, a golf cart is the ultimate way to get around. Make sure you choose a reliable golf cart rental company like A&M Rentals to ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch. We offer golf carts that seat two, four, or even six people at once.


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