Best Places to Take your Key West Electric Car Rental

Don’t walk around the island when you can get a Key West electric car rental! When it comes to travel options in Key West, you’ll have multiple options when you choose a quality rental agency. These rental locations normally include the regular travel options – bicycles, golf carts, and the ever-so-popular scooter rental. 

How can you be sure that you get the most out of your electric car rental in Key West? There is no specific rule for accomplishing this, but we do have some great ideas for making your way around the island. 

If you’ve never taken a trip to Key West, you might want to continue reading. In this article, you’ll learn about the best ways to take advantage of your electric car rental. This includes the best places to take your rental or the number one activity you want to take part in after you get your electric car. 

Why Get a Key West Electric Car Rental? 

Electric cars are one of the newest means of transportation in Key West. If you ask the locals, they’re also one of the most stylish and versatile options. 

What sets them apart from any other rental, including scooters and normal golf carts? 

For starters, renting an electric car means that you don’t spend a dime on gas. All that’s needed is a place to plug in and charge the battery, and you’re good to go for the entire day after. 

They’re also friendly to the environment. No gas means no emissions, and that spells a much healthier environment for this ocean ecosystem. 

Now, what about the best ways to take advantage of your Key west electric car rental. 

What to Do with Your Electric Car

We decided to list the best activities you can use your electric car rental for. Instead of making a list of the same tourist attractions everyone has heard of and knows about. Instead, we wanted to list personalized trips you can craft during your time on the island. 

Take Advantage of Fishing

There are plenty of places to throw a line in the water in Key West. After all, you are surrounded by the Atlantic on all four sides. If you consider yourself an angler, failing to at least dedicate one day to fishing while you’re there would be a grave mistake.

These electric cars are designed to hold several guests comfortably, depending on the size you rent. We have multiple sizes available at A&M Rentals, depending on whether you need seating for two, four, or six passengers. 

We recommend going with at least one size larger than required based on your guests if you want to go fishing. That way, you can hold all of your tackle and additional equipment comfortably. 

Beach Bouncing

One of the best ways to enjoy Key West is by sampling all of the beautiful beaches. When you have an electric car, not only can you access areas you normally wouldn’t be able to by regular car, but you’ll do it comfortably and in style. 

You’ll have additional room for all of your necessary beach equipment like coolers and chairs. Remember, you can accommodate up to six guests, but you should plan for hauling around bags and other items. 

Renting an electric car in Key West can be one of the most enjoyable means of transportation when you’re vacationing on the island. Not only will you have plenty of additional room, but you’ll also be doing your part to help keep the environment clean. A&M Rentals has the best selection of Key West electric car rentals and Key West golf cart rentals. We have more than just Key West electric car rentals, however. We also offer Key West scooter rentals and Key West bike rentals. Don’t waste your time anywhere else – stop by A&M Rentals Key West today. Find our website here or our full selection of Key West electric car rentals here

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