How to Be Safe With Your Key West Electric Car Rental

Have you considered getting a Key West electric car rental for your next trip?You’ve likely already thought about your Key West Trip. You’ve imagined walking along glorious beaches, taking in the tropical air, and admiring the wildlife and gardens to your heart’s content. 

Or you may be lucky enough to live here like we are!

Whatever your reason for coming to or being in Key West, now you’ve decided to rent an electric car, but you may have some lingering questions. What’s a rented electric car like? How convenient are charging stations in Key West? How can I stay safe in my electric car while on the island?

Worry no more. This article will cover everything you need to know about staying safe in your Key West rental electric car.

Stay Safe, Follow these Tips! 

While an electric car is a safe vehicle, as safe as a regular car or golf cart, there are some things you should keep in mind if you choose to rent one on your vacation.

Follow Traffic Laws

In terms of Florida State Law, if your electric car is on the road then it will be considered in the same class as a regular car.  This means that you have to follow all the same road laws that cars have too. Before you visit any state, or country for that matter, make sure you’re familiar with state driving laws as they may be different from your own.

This also extends to parking. Check Florida state regulations and keep an eye on local signs to make sure that you’re legally parked wherever you go!

Keep an Eye on the Power!

An electric car is a great option if you don’t want to use a traditional car. You’ll feel like you’re doing a service to the environment and the small size is great for getting around the narrow streets of Key West.

However, just because your electric car doesn’t run on fuel doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check on how much power the vehicle has, or you may have unexpected stoppages during your trip. There are a growing number of service stations for electric cars in Key West, so make sure to point out where those are and make time to charge up.

If you have questions or concerns about the charging stations, how to charge, and charging safety, make sure to ask! Knowledge is power and will make your trip a safer one.

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