How to Be Safe With Your Key West Electric Car Rental

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get around Key West is with a Key West electric car rental. There are several ways to get around the island but one of the most unique is utilizing an electric car rental. While the city is small and spans only a few miles, it can still be a struggle to get from your resort to all the attractions without a set of wheels.


Electric car rentals are a great way to get around and keep your family safe at the same time. We’ll share some tips below about how to stay safe after you book your vehicle with A&M Rentals. It’s sure to help you create the perfect adventure in Key West.


Stay Inside the Car


The electric cars available at A&M Rentals are similar to a golf cart in terms of appearance and functionality. There are no doors so you can enjoy the fresh air all around you. While a breeze can feel nice on the skin, keep your legs and arms inside the car to prevent any potential injuries.


Keep Your Seatbelt On


Since an electric car is going down roads, you should always follow the laws. One of the things you should remember is to always put on your seatbelt when you’re driving or riding in the car. It should remain buckled until the vehicle is parked and turned off. This ensures the safety of everyone inside the vehicle.


Never Drink and Drive


You should never get into a car and drive it if you have been drinking. It’s not only against the law – it can also be very dangerous. This also applies if you’ve taken any other substances that alter your control and perception. 


Not following this rule could be dangerous for you, others in the car, and people on the road. It could also lead to being arrested. 


Avoid Distraction


No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, it pays to be attentive to your surroundings. People often become distracted on vacation, which can lead to challenges. If you need to use your phone to get directions or answer a text, pull over and do so. There are many safe areas where you can do this.


Handle anything that distracts you while the car is off. Only then should you go back to driving to all the destinations available across Key West.


Get Key West Electric Car Rentals at A&M Rentals


Electric vehicles are a fun and modern option to get around Key West and engage in all the activities that you’re interested in. You’ll have tons of space in a state-of-the-art car that might change your perspective on vehicles for the rest of your life. All you have to do is contact A&M Rentals to get started.


If Key West electric car rentals aren’t for you, we also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West moped rentals, and Key West scooter rentals.  that you can consider instead! Whatever you need, give us a call and see if we can help you have the best trip possible. Our well-maintained vehicles will get you where you need to go. And we offer free customer pick-up and drop-off for maximum convenience.

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