How to Be Safe With Your Key West Electric Car Rental

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get around Key West is with a Key West electric car rental. These cars are more akin to golf carts than actual cars, but they operate in much the same way. They have the same controls, and they handle about the same. When you rent one of these vehicles, you want to be safe, naturally. The tips below will help to keep you and others safe.

Wear Your Seatbelt

This is a vehicle that will be driven on the roads. Therefore, you need to abide by the laws and make sure you and everyone else who is in the vehicle remain buckled in while it is in operation. Not using seatbelts is against the law, and it is dangerous. It is a simple rule to follow, so make sure you do.

Keep Arms and Legs Inside the Vehicle

As mentioned, these electric cars are more like golf carts. That means they don’t have doors—it’s open air. As good as the wind might feel on your skin while the vehicle is in motion, resist the temptation to stick your arms and legs outside of the car. You could end up with serious injuries if you do.

Don’t Overpack the Vehicle

Electric cars can only carry a certain number of people depending on how many seats they have. If you rent a four-seater, for example, don’t try to fit five people in the vehicle, even if they are petite. Remember, everyone needs a seatbelt. The only thing you are going by overpacking one of these electric cars is putting everyone in danger.

Don’t Drive Distracted

This tip and the next one are important no matter what you happen to be driving. Distracted driving tends to be a problem for people on vacation. They are in an unfamiliar area and may be using their phone to find directions. They might be overwhelmed. If that’s the case, pull over in a safe spot. Figure out where you are and where you need to go. Use the GPS on your phone and then follow the instructions. Don’t try to do any of this while you are in motion.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Never get behind the wheel of any vehicle when you’ve been drinking or taking other substances that alter your perception and control. It’s illegal and it is dangerous to you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. It’s also likely to end you up in jail.

As long as you abide by the rules of the road as you would with any other type of car, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Get Your Key West Electric Car Rentals Here

You need to be sure you are renting high-quality, tested, and properly maintained electric cars. Only choose to rent from a company with a good reputation like A&M Rentals. You can choose from two-seaters, four-seaters, and six-seaters if you are traveling with a lot of people. With A&M, you can even benefit from their free customer pick-up and drop-off.

If Key West electric car rentals aren’t for you, we also offer Key West bike rentals, Key West moped rentals, and Key West scooter rentals.  that you can consider instead! Whatever you need, give us a call and see if we can help you have the best trip possible. Our well-maintained vehicles will get you where you need to go. And we offer free customer pick-up and drop-off for maximum convenience.

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