Best Ways to Care for Your Scooter Rental

When visiting the beautiful island of Key West, renting a scooter is one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore the area. With its warm weather, stunning beaches, and laid-back atmosphere, Key West is the perfect destination for a scooter adventure. But you also have to take care of the scooter while you rent it, or it can cost you when it is returned. Here, we will go over the best ways to take care of your scooter rental and keep you from paying added fees when you return it.


When your scooter is delivered, the rental company will do a pre-inspection with you. This is when you should make notes on the scooter’s condition and document any damages you find. When you return the scooter, this documentation will protect you from being charged with damages that were already on the scooter.

Check the fuel level. Ensure you know how much fuel you need to return to the scooter when picked up. Also, ensure you know what fuel to use; putting the wrong gas in the scooter could damage the engine and be a costly mistake.

Get to Know the Ride

Before the rental company leaves you with the scooter, make sure you understand how to operate it. Have them show you how to start and stop it safely, where the turn signals are, how to secure it when you park, and anything else you feel you should know. Knowing this will help avoid accidents that could damage the scooter and leave you with repair costs. 

Avoid Accidents

Follow all traffic laws while on vacation and enjoy your scooter rental. When you are home, you may have a tendency to speed and drive a little haphazardly. When you are in a rental, you need to pay extra attention to your driving habits. One accident can cost you more than your vacation. Obey the speed limit and use your turn signals at all times. Pay extra attention to traffic. In a nutshell, be extra careful with your scooter.

Take the Key

When you go out for dinner or leave the scooter to check out the scenery, take the key out of the ignition or lock it, as shown by the rental agency. If the scooter is stolen while you enjoy the waves, you will be held responsible if it is not found. You will also be held responsible for any damages that might occur while it is lost.

 By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your A&M Rental scooter is in the same condition it was when you got it.  Remember, taking care of your rental scooter guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience for you and shows respect for the rental company and future renters. So, grab your helmet, hop on your scooter, and get ready to explore the stunning sights and sounds of Key West!