Vacation Tips When Renting a Key West Golf Cart

If you plan to rent a golf cart while visiting Key West, it’s essential to be prepared. This is a great way to travel around the island while still having space for your beach bags or other necessities. To ensure a stress-free experience for your golf cart rental, keep these tips in mind. 


Think About the Size of Your Group

The first thing to consider when making your reservation is the size of your group. We offer three sizes of golf carts: two-seaters, four-seaters, and six-seaters. Consider if you want one with just enough seats or a larger one to provide more storage space for things like beach chairs and umbrellas. Will one golf cart be enough, or would two make traveling more manageable for your family? These are all questions to ask yourself before you book. 


Length of Rental

Deciding how long you want to rent your golf cart is also important. Do you want the cart from the day you arrive until the day you leave? Or do you only need it for a couple of days in the middle of your trip? If you only need the cart for five or six days, compare the daily rate to the weekly rate. You may save money by choosing a weekly rate, even if you don’t need the cart for a full seven days. 


Know the Laws

Golf carts are a popular way to get around Key West, and there are laws specifically for this type of vehicle because of that. Ensure you know the following regulations well before anyone in your group gets behind the wheel of a rental golf cart. 



You must be at least 22 years old to rent a golf cart in Key West. You also must have a valid driver’s license to sign the rental agreement. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of your rental must also have a valid driver’s license, as golf carts are considered motor vehicles on the island. 


Other Key West Laws

Not only is your age important, but following the traffic laws of the island is also imperative. Operate a golf cart like a car, following all posted traffic signs and signals. Follow the posted speed limit on all streets, and you must regard proper right-of-way at stop signs and other intersections. 


Golf carts can be driven on any road with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or lower. Most of the streets on the island fall under this category, especially in the Old Town area and other popular locations. If you come across a road with a speed limit over 35, use the nearby golf cart trails to drive. This ensures the safety of your group and others on the road. 


A&M Rentals Offers Electric Golf Carts

Enjoy the convenience of a golf cart without the headache of needing gasoline when you rent a golf cart through A&M Rentals. Our three sizes of golf carts ensure everyone can find a vehicle that meets their needs. With complimentary pickup and drop-off, you’ll be on the road as soon as possible.