Thinking About A Golf Cart Rental While In Key West? A & M Rentals Has You Covered!

Imagine cruising along Key West with the wind in your hair and the sunshine kissing your skin, content and comfortable in your own golf cart. Renting a Key West golf car is not just a form of transportation; it bolsters the quintessential island experience. Want to make your journey even smoother and more memorable? Equip yourself with five indispensable vacation tips to maximize your Key West vacation. 


Prep for Bad Weather 


The weather can change in a heartbeat, even in paradise, so pack accordingly. Popup rainstorms are common in Key West summers; bring ponchos, umbrellas, and proper rain gear to get you through the showers. When the forecast is sunny, don’t forget your sunscreen. Nothing would ruin a vacation faster than a nasty sunburn that could’ve been avoided. Keep an eye on the weather from the comforts of your golf cart, but also check the weather channel or app before you set off on your adventure. 


Keep the Roadways and Environment Clean


Known for its natural beauty, Key West relies on people–residents and vacationers alike–to keep the roadways and environment clean. Preserve paradise by disposing of trash in garbage bins and never litter. Not only would getting caught land you a hefty fine, but it’s disrespectful to litter during your travels. There are trash cans dotting both sides of most Key West pathways, so it’s easy to find somewhere for your drink cans and candy wrappers. 


Explore and Enjoy


The freedom to explore at your own pace is an unmatched advantage to renting a golf cart in Key West. Many call it going “off the beaten path,” discovering location gems that may not be on the typical tourist routes. Being spontaneous can alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting excitement, fulfillment, and satisfaction. 


Please note that electric golf carts are battery-powered, so watch the battery level. While exploration is a great way to enjoy your Key West vacation, you don’t want to get stranded in an unfamiliar place if your golf cart dies. Luckily, there are charging stations in public parking lots everywhere on the island. 


Familiarize Yourself with an Attractions Route 


While spontaneity can be fun, you don’t want to miss must-see attractions. Cruise through Mallory Square, park and stroll down Duval Street, salvage treasure at the Key West Shipwreck Museum, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Dry Tortugas National Park, and make fluttering memories at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Map a convenient route that allows you to see everything that you want to see. 


Stay Alert and Updated on Local Laws 


Renting a golf cart in Key West isn’t a free pass to rule the roads; you must still obey local roadway laws. Stay alert on busier streets and study the rules and regulations of Key West roadways, particularly for golf carts, before renting one. Keep speeds to 35MPH or less, take heed of posted signs and traffic lights, and only park in designated areas.  


When renting a golf cart in Key West, follow these A&M Rentals tips for a safer, more exciting journey. Let the wind, sunshine, and palm trees melt away your worries! 


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