Key West Golf Carts Are Perfect for Any Vacation

In recent years, more and more people are getting around by using golf carts, especially in the Key West area. If you think about it, they are the ideal way to explore. Some of the reasons why golf carts are perfect for any occasion are explored further below.

Additionally, when researching, be sure to think about how you’ll use the golf cart and how many seats you’ll need. For instance, you can find them in two-, four, and six-seater versions.


When you’re navigating the Key West area, golf carts offer a practical and effective solution due to their size. They also allow you to feel the breeze and put you in the vacation vibe.

Plus, you’re able to take the same routes you normally would in a car while making great memories with your family and friends.


Golf carts offer a great way to explore the Key West region while also being mindful of the environment. Even if they run on gas rather than electricity, golf cars still produce fewer emissions than cars, making them an eco-friendly way to enjoy your vacation. 

They’re also quieter and allow you to enjoy the scenery as it passes by.

Relaxed Pace

During vacations, it’s important to unwind, and there’s something about riding around in a golf cart that makes you breathe a little slower. You’ll notice the laid-back feel the moment you slide behind the wheel.


Golf carts are great for families because they can hold a large number of people. As mentioned above, Key West Scooter Rentals offers golf carts for two, four, and six people.

This makes them a great option for family vacations since it eliminates the need for several vehicles and lets everyone enjoy their time away.

Local Experience

Riding a golf cart offers a more personal and regional encounter. By engaging in these interactions with the residents and surroundings, you can develop a stronger bond with the Key West area.

What Do You Need to Know About Renting Golf Carts?

Renting golf carts is easy using our online rental forms. However, we do suggest that you consider renting in advance to ensure you get the golf cart you need. Also, it’s essential to be mindful of local transportation laws when driving and riding in our golf carts, as you can be fined just like you would for breaking traffic laws while driving a car.

In the Key West area, the world is your oyster as you drive around exploring. You’ll be able to go from the beaches to Old Town and everywhere in between. Finally, when booking your rental, it’s important to note that drivers must be 18.

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Golf carts combine sustainability, leisure, and ease of use to provide you and your family with a distinctive and fun mode of transportation. Their adaptability makes them ideal for traveling to a variety of locations around Key West, offering a unique and engaging experience. See our Golf Cart inventory here!

If you’ve never considered renting a golf cart for vacation, now is the time. Contact us today to get your vacation started!