How to Care for Your Key West Scooter Rental

Planning to rent a scooter while you’re staying in Key West? It’s a great way to see the island and all that it offers. Scooters are also fun, easy to drive, and ensure that you don’t have to deal with the crush of traffic that those driving passenger vehicles do. However, you will need to care for your Key West scooter rental while you have it, so it’s important to know what that entails.


Check Your Tire Pressure


Perhaps the most important tip is this: know the tire pressure for your scooter and then check it regularly. This can save you from driving with a low tire and wearing through the sidewalls, which will leave you with a flat. Check with your rental provider about the tire pressure and where to pick up a pressure gauge if you don’t have one.


Check Your Engine Oil


If you’re driving an electric scooter, you can skip this step. If your scooter has a gasoline engine, you’ll want to pay attention. Checking the engine oil ensures that your scooter doesn’t overheat and that the engine stays in good working condition. Have your rental provider show you where the dipstick is and explain your responsibilities when it comes to topping off if necessary.


Wash It


Most Key West scooter rental companies will expect you to return your scooter in the same condition as when you picked it up. That means if you take it down some of the sandy roads around the island, you may need to give it a quick wash before taking it back. A quick rinse will wash away most of the grime and help you avoid unnecessary charges.


Fill It Up


Again, this tip is not for you if you’re renting an electric scooter. If your scooter uses gasoline, this pertains to your rental. Your rental company will recommend that you fill-up the tank to the level you picked it up. If you don’t, they’ll charge you for it. It’s always cheaper to put gas in yourself, so make sure you note the level at pickup and that you top off the tank before you drop it off when you’re done.


Know How to Drive a Scooter


Okay, so this one might not fall under the header of caring for your Key West scooter, but it will ensure that you’re able to keep it in good condition and avoid some accidents. Know how to drive a scooter before you leave the rental facility. They’re easy to drive but take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with things like starting, stopping, turning, and accelerating right there in the parking lot. You’ll enjoy your overall experience more if you do.

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