Road Tips for Staying Safe with Your Key West Golf Cart Rental

Planning a trip to Key West? A golf cart makes a great option for getting around while you’re here. They’re more agile than passenger vehicles, take up less space, and can often go where cars or trucks cannot. However, you’ll need to know a few road tips to stay safe with your golf cart rental here in paradise. 


1. Watch the Speed Limit


To be clear, this tip isn’t so much about preventing you from speeding as it is to help protect you from vehicles capable of going much faster than your golf cart. Because golf carts have a pretty limited top speed, you should avoid roads with speed limits higher than 35 miles per hour or so. Thankfully, most of the surface streets in Key West are golf cart-friendly.


2. Don’t Drink and Drive


This one should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Don’t drink and drive, even on a golf cart. It’s dangerous to you and those around you. So, feel free to take your golf cart to Duval Street if you’re looking for shopping and dining options, but if you intend to have more than a drink or two, you’ll want to make alternative travel arrangements. 


3. Buckle Up


Your golf cart comes equipped with seat belts. Use them. Not only is it the law, but it’s just good common sense. It’s also one of the best defenses if you end up in an accident with another vehicle, run off the road, or encounter another obstacle. 


4. Make Sure You Can Legally Drive at Night


Key West’s fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. If anything, it gets hotter. However, if you’ll be driving your golf cart rental at night, you must make sure that it’s legally allowed to be on the road. It must have operational headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and a windshield. If it’s missing any of these, you cannot drive it at night on Key West’s roads.


5. Know the Busy Areas and Plan Ahead


Chances are good that you’ll be visiting Key West during peak travel season. That means you’ll be sharing the roadways with a lot of other people, including both passenger vehicles and other golf carts. Know the areas that are most likely to be congested so you can avoid them. Planning ahead will save you time and frustration, but it may also help you avoid an accident.


A&M Rentals Helps You Enjoy Your Trip Safely

At A&M Rentals, we offer some of the best golf cart rentals in Key West. Our golf carts are fully updated and comply with all the road rules, so you can drive them safely day or night. Our staff members are also happy to provide you with information about the areas you might want to avoid while driving your golf cart rental and other important details to help ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and safe. Check out our selection of Golf cart rentals here!