Check Out All Our Key West Golf Cart Types

When bringing the family to Key West, you want to rent a vehicle that’s compact but still offers plenty of space for everyone and your belongings. Enter the golf cart. Our golf cart rentals come in three sizes, making it simple to find one that meets your family’s needs. Here’s a complete guide of our options so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 


Perks of Our Golf Carts

No matter which golf cart you choose, they all come with some great features that make them the perfect family car while you’re on the island. The roof and windshield provide sun protection and can keep you dry if you’re out while it rains. The headlights on the vehicles make it easy to drive them at night while still able to see and be seen. Each cart also has a storage trunk to put some of your belongings in at the back. 


Plus, all our golf carts are electric, so you don’t have to worry about fueling up while driving around. Plug it in while you’re out and about at one of the many charging stations on the island, and you’re good to go. 



The smallest golf cart we offer has two seats. This option is perfect for couples wanting to travel together while having enough space for souvenirs or a picnic lunch. The compact size lets you travel on all roads on the island, and you can easily park in just about any parking space. Rent this little cart for $139 a day, with hourly and long-term rates also available. 



Our mid-sized golf cart seats four people with ease. This is a popular option for families of four because the children can sit in the back seat. However, two adult couples can also fit into this golf cart without a problem. This cart is only a bit larger than the two-seater, so it can still easily fit down tight roads and park in small spaces. The rental price for these is also $139 a day, with hourly and long-term rates available. 



Finally, our largest golf cart is the six-seater. This is a perfect option for large groups or a group wanting a little more space to accommodate beach gear or shopping bags. This large golf cart is comfortable for adults and children alike and will have you enjoying every drive around the island. Though there are six seats, you’ll be surprised at how easy this cart is to navigate the streets. Rent this golf cart for $200 a day, with hourly and long-term options available. 


Options for Everyone

At A&M Rentals, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of golf carts that meet the needs of many groups. Whether you need a lot of space or a little, you’ll love the features of these electric golf cart rentals. Each rental includes free drop-off and pickup, making it convenient to get behind the wheel of our carts wherever you are on the island.