Why a Key West Golf Cart Rental Makes Sense

Are you heading to Key West? This tropical oasis is the destination for historic sites, gorgeous blue waters, and a laidback vibe. While you can get around the island in several ways, renting a golf cart from A&M Rentals is one of the smartest choices you could make. Below, we’ll share a few reasons why renting a golf cart on the island makes the most sense for your upcoming adventures.


Easy Maneuverability


One of the things that sets Key West apart is its narrow streets and busy tourist areas. Getting through these streets in a big car or truck can be time-consuming and challenging. On the other hand, golf carts are small and easy to maneuver. That means you can get in and out of busy areas and navigate tight spaces with ease. Whether you’re heading to a beach or exploring Old Town, golf carts make the experience totally hassle-free.


Convenient Parking


Unfortunately, parking in Key West can be a drag. It’s especially brutal during the middle of the tourist season. Since golf carts are very small, they can fit into tiny parking lots that cars cannot. This means you need to spend less time searching for parking and can use it to enjoy the sights and sounds of the island. In fact, many businesses and sights in the area provide special parking just for golf carts to add even more convenience to the experience.


Cost-Effective Option


Going from one place to the next with Uber or Lyft can be expensive. The same can be said about renting a car. Choosing a golf cart will often save you money. With lower fuel costs and affordable rental rates, golf carts are an excellent way to get more value out of your money. A&M Rentals offers flexible rental options and inexpensive rates to fit any budget and schedule. You’ll get a great deal for your transportation needs.


Family-Friendly Transportation


If you happen to be traveling with your entire family, golf carts are an amazing way to get around. Most of the carts can seat four to six people, so you can travel together without needing to rent several vehicles. Plus, any kids in the group are sure to enjoy the experience of riding in a golf cart. The adults will appreciate the ease of use and convenience.


Ideal for Sightseeing


Key West is packed with attractions from Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to Mallory Square and even the Ernest Hemingway Museum. Golf carts let you go from one attraction to the next quickly so you can do and see as much as you want while you’re on the island. You have the freedom to create your own schedule and explore at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. 


Renting a golf cart from A&M Rentals is practical but the benefits don’t end there. It’s also an amazing way to enhance your fun on the island. With benefits like cost savings, convenient parking, easy maneuverability, and family-friendliness, golf carts are one of the best ways to zip through the streets of Key West. There’s no need to wait. You can book a golf cart rental today and explore the island in comfort and style. VISIT US TODAY!


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