Key West Golf Cart Rental – Vacation Checklist!

Key West is the perfect family-friendly destination for all ages because paradise is for everyone. The signature Florida sunshine will warm your soul as much as it warms the sand. The best ways to get around are Key West golf cart rentals, courtesy of A&M Rentals. Read on for a few suggestions on handling your cart and enjoying your family’s vacation. 


Choose a Family-Friendly Cart 


Ask yourself: How many people should the golf cart accommodate? How spacious should it be to make everyone feel comfortable? 


A&M Rentals offers Key West golf cart rentals of all sizes, from two- to six-seaters. The six-seater can comfortably accommodate six people in three rows with two seats per row. The two-seaters are self-explanatory, and the four-seater features a pair of seats in the front and another two in the back. There’s legroom galore, so everyone has space to move around without jostling one another on sharp turns or bumpy roadways. 


See the Sights! 


What attractions are on your list of Key West must-sees? Our golf carts can get you there, but it’d be wise to plot your path. Stroll the shorelines of Smathers Beach, tour the historic Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, watch a sunset at Mallory Square, and take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the coral reefs and tropical fish. There is so much to do and see; you don’t want to miss a moment! 


Pack and Prep for Your Journey 


Sunscreen, water bottles, rain gear, and snacks are essential for your Key West adventure. A map or GPS would also come in handy to navigate the island, but we at A&M Rentals encourage you to explore at your own pace. Find locations that would be considered “off the beaten path,” and savor the feel of the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your skin while you cruise in a comfy golf cart with your favorite people. 


Make Memories and Gather Souvenirs 


From smooth stones and seashells to roadside flowers that you can press into scrapbooks, Key West is rife with natural beauty to gather as souvenirs, and you can experience a lot of it from the comforts of your golf cart. The best memories are made when you set out to explore and discover new things about an unfamiliar destination. So, set a day to take your golf cart on less traveled paths. Find hidden beaches, look out for wildlife on either side of carting trails, and immerse yourself in a sense of adventure. 


Be Safe on the Roads! 


While Key West is a small island, the roads can still be dangerous if you drive recklessly, especially in a vehicle that’s only supposed to go 35 miles per hour or less. Update yourself on the local traffic laws, obey traffic signs and lights, and stay off the highways. Key West golf cart rentals can be fun ways to explore paradise but remain alert and aware to be safe when driving. 


For Key West golf cart rentals, CONTACT A&M Rentals now. Booking is simple and easy, allowing you to focus more on the fun of your family adventures. 


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