Best Spots to Drive Your Scooter in Key West

Best Spots to Drive Your Scooter in Key West


Key West is a beautiful location that’s filled with places to go and things to do. When you choose this as your vacation spot, you will find that you are never bored. You will also discover that scooter rentals in Key West are an ideal means of exploring everything the area has to offer. If you will be renting scooters, you will want to know some of the best spots to visit. Let’s get a closer look.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

This is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Not only is this a state park, but it is also a National Historic Landmark located at the southern edge of Key West. The fort is an interesting place to visit and tour. The white sand beach near the fort that’s part of the park is also one of the main attractions and is a good place to enjoy the sand and water. It is also one of the locations where many annual events are held in Key West. You might want to see what’s happening there when you visit.

Visit the San Carlos Institute

The San Carlos Institute, founded in 1871, is an important landmark in the city. Today, it is a performing arts center that is home to a range of performances. The building is worth checking out based on the architecture alone. However, you might also want to see if there are any shows playing while you will be on vacation. It could be fun to ride your scooter to and from a show.

Smathers Beach

If you love beaches, you do not want to miss Smathers Beach. It is the longest beach in Key West and is located on the Atlantic side. The beach has a large parking lot, it is easily accessible, and has a half-mile of sand and dunes. Whether you want to swim, kayak, go windsurfing or enjoy any other beach activity, Smathers Beach is a great place to do it. Of course, this is just one of the many beaches in Key West. You might want to make it a point to visit all of the beaches, such as Higgs Beach, during your vacation.

Head to the Key West Nature Preserve

Many people aren’t aware that Key West has a nature preserve since the island is so small. However, there is one located near the beaches. It is called the Berg Nature Reserve, and although it’s small, it’s worth a visit. This is an undeveloped area of beach and mangrove forest. It’s a nice place to spend some time enjoying nature. Once you park your scooter, there is even a short trail you can walk. It is a nice spot for taking photos.

Of course, these are just some of the places you can visit. You might also want to experience the Fisher Maritime Museum, the Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum, and more. When you opt for scooter rentals in Key West, you will find a host of places you can experience. The scooter will make it faster and easier for you to get everywhere you want to go.

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